Once your item has successfully been delivered to you, try it on, but do not remove the tags or destroy the packaging until you are sure you want to keep it.

A larger skirted dress may unpack a little flat and deflated. Put it on a coat hanger on the back of a door and straighten each layer underneath one by one. Avoid ironing it. Many can be ironed on a low heat but save for those who are confident in doing this. The recommended way of getting the creases out of dresses is to use a hand steamer, available online from most multi product web sites for around £20. 

When getting in your gown make sure your bust fills out the bust cups. You can do this by lifting your bra straps up once the dress is on and done up (see sketch). If you do not adjust yourself to fit in the shape of the dress it may seem as though it is too small. 

sketch bra_edited.jpg