How many times have you bought something in what you thought was your size only to find out it is too big or too small? 

The reason for this is that dress manufacturers have their own size charts that they work from and there is no single size chart that applies to all clothing brands. So, a pair of jeans from one high street shop may be several centimetres smaller than the high street shop next door to it, which in turn may be completely different to that pair of jeans you bought from that really popular online brand! It is really annoying, especially when you have waited for something to arrive and then you have to pay postage to send it back. Unless you have plenty on money, you wait for your refund before reordering. By then you are probably bored or running out of time until the event when you want to wear the said item.

Our solution to this is measuring the dresses, and showing you how to measure to yourself (you will need a tape measure - available online for around £3 including postage). 

It is unlikely you will be a perfect fit in most of these dresses. They do require altering unless you are tall, wear heels and you are lucky enough to fit the measurements of the dress. Make sure you know of a good seamstress or someone who can alter the dress for you.

It is important you measure yourself as you may be used to wearing stretchy clothes which are not always accurate in their sizing.


If you fit the waist of a dress but you find the bust and the hip is too small, go for the size that fits the waist. Likewise, if you fit the bust of a dress but the waist and hip measurement is too small, go for the size that fits the bust and get the rest altered. This applies to the hip measurement, although where the skirt of a dress is quite full, the hip measurement will be much less important.  

Then, look at the sizing chart on the next page. This is a UK size chart that has been brought in line with the measurements of our dresses. Once you have chosen which size you are on the size chart, go to the dropdown menu on the shop by size tab and choose your size. 

Note: the 'will fit' size may not be the size sewn in the dress, which is the size listed in the description of the it. The 'will fit' size will be a standard UK size in accordance with the measurement chart on the next page. The 'will fit' size is the size in brackets, which is shown next to the UK dress size in the product description.

Finally, if you find the dress you want and it looks like it will fit against the 'Will Fit Measurement Chart', double check the measurements of the dress which will be in the description of the dress. 

If this all sounds too complicated, measure yourself and send us your measurements. Someone will get back to you with the size you should choose. Alternatively, pay us a visit! In-store you will have a trained consultant to help you decide. In-store customers also have the option to pay by instalments.


Use the 'Visit Our Shop' tab to book an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.